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Jena Bioscience


Jena Bioscience linija proizvoda uključuje:

- Nucleosides, Nucleotides and their Analogs:
Modified Nucleotides
Non-modified Nucleotides
Nucleotide Libraries & Kits

- Macromolecular Crystallography

- Eukaryotic Expression System LEXSY
LEXSY Products
LEXSY License
Background information

- PCR-related Products:
Real-Time PCR
Standard PCR
Reverse Transcription
In Vitro Transcription
Primers & Nucleotide
DNA Ladders
DNA Labeling
DNA Mutagenesis
DNA Preparation
DNA Sequencing
Contamination control

- Antibodies

Transcription Factor Antibodies
PI 3-Kinase Antibodies
Protein Kinase Antibodies
Cytokine Antibodies
Peptide Antibodies
Biogenic Amines Antibodies
Prion Antibodies
Evoglow Antibodies

- Recombinant Proteins
PI 3 Kinase
Transcriptions Factors
GTP Signal Transductions
Viral and Microbial Proteins
Cytokines and Growth Factors
Amyloid and Prions Proteins
Protein Kinase 
Phosphatases, Proteases

- Affinity Chromatography
GSH, Metal Ion and Protein A containing Materials
Affinity Media carrying immobilized Nucleotides and Phospho-amino Acids
Affinity Chromatography Kits

- Enzymes
Restriction Enzymes
Fungal Enzymes
Ligases / Alkaline Phosphatases / Nucleotide Kinases

- Probes
Nourseothricin (also termed NTC or clonNAT)
Cell Penetrating Peptides
Protein Labeling
DNA Labeling
Avidin/Streptavidin-Biotin Binding Assays
evoglow® - Anaerobic Fluorescent Proteins
Click Chemistry Reagents
Eterneon Fluorescent Dyes
Luminescent Complexes

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